Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim and Nico Muhly - Contrapuntalism

This event is part of the series New Work in the Arts & Humanities: East and West.

Ever since Edward Saïd, scholars have alerted listeners to the ways in which composers of Western classical music have dipped into other traditions in order to dress up a musical Other with which to converse and compete. This can range from the use of formulaic exotic signifiers to direct quotation, but also includes the more diffuse assimilation of styles, ideas, and genres.


Please join us in New York City for a discussion among four of the six artists featured in the exhibition,  NOW HERE IS NOWHERE: Six Artists from the American Academy in Rome – Carl D’Alvia, Tomaso De Luca, Jackie Saccoccio, and Nari Ward.

CARL D’ALVIA (2013 Fellow)

TOMASO DE LUCA (2017 Italian Fellow)


NARI WARD (2013 Fellow)
Artis and Professor, Hunter College 

Gary Hilderbrand with Alberto Iacovoni – Imagining the Vegetal City: The Surface Is Alive

Gary Hilderbrand, the recipient of the 2017 American Society of Landscape Architects Design Medal and Professor in Practice at Harvard Graduate School of Design, describes landscape architecture’s evolving consequential role in shaping contemporary cities. Urban streets, squares, and parks support the city’s ecological performance and define its spatial experience. Yet much of the city’s living infrastructure remains underestimated or invisible.

Fluidity: Nasser Rabbat and Nader Tehrani (moderated by John Ochsendorf)

In this conversation, noted scholar of architecture, Nasser Rabbat, and cutting-edge designer, Nader Tehrani, will discuss “fluidity” as a paradigm for understanding the built environment of the Mediterranean world. Moderated by John Ochsendorf (2008 Fellow), the conversation will highlight concepts of fluidity in Rabbat’s groundbreaking scholarship on Syrian architectural heritage and in the innovations of Tehrani’s designs.

Conversations – Liquid Architecture

Join AAR as we convene an interdisciplinary discussion on the role of structures and spaces for cultural and performance use. 

Christopher Hawthorne
Architecture Critic, Los Angeles Times (2016 Resident)
Mark Lee & Sharon Johnston 
Founding Partners, Johnston Marklee (2017 Residents)
Andrew Norman
Assistant Professor of Composition, Thornton School of Music,
University of Southern California (2007 Fellow)