Finissage - Cinque Mostre 2017 - The Sicilian Vespers and the Tunisian Matins

As part of the Cinque Mostre finissage, at 7pm in the lecture room there will be a multi-disciplinary performance of The Sicilian Vespers and the Tunisian Matins, a project by Academy community members and Fellows Lisa Baker, Jonathan Berger, Caroline Cheung, Kyle deCamp Leon Grek, Hussein Fancy, Ryan Matos, and Enrico Riley. The performance will feature puppeteers from the Accettella Teatro – Mongiovino, and oboist Flavio Troiani. The project is made possible by the Fellows’ Project Fund of the American Academy in Rome.

Dawn Kasper - On Desire or THE METHOD

As part of the ongoing exhibition Studio Systems, artist Dawn Kasper performs a new, site-specific sound composition and sculptural environment exploring historical references to the philosophy of desire. Using a process-based and itinerant approach (she has worked outside a permanent studio since 2008), Kasper creates a kind of living sculpture she calls the Nomadic Studio Practice Experiment.

Cinque Mostre 2016 - Temenos

In conjunction with the exhibition Cinque Mostre 2016 - Across the Board: Parts of a Whole, which remains on view through April 3, the American Academy in Rome presents the first of two appointments exploring the themes engaged by the exhibition. On March 3 the exhibition will be open exceptionally from 5pm to 8pm.