February 2018


Minturnae between Lazio and Campania

  • Thursday, 22 February 2018 - 2:00pm to 7:00pm
AAR Lecture Room

Minturnae lies at the modern border between Lazio and Campania. Given its liminal position, scholars have often sought to classify material from the site as either “Etrusco-Italic” or “Campanian,” depending on the period and perspective of their study. This conference seeks to dispense with such labels, and instead to consider Minturnae within its immediate geographic and cultural context. The conference will begin with several papers focused specifically on Minturnae, and will then expand outwards to consider other sites in the region. By scrutinizing the links and relationships between these sites, we will ask how, if at all, we can define a “local region” for Minturnae and its neighbors in the mid-to-late Republic, and what this means for our understanding of Minturnae’s history and material remains more broadly.

The conference is organized by Sophie Crawford-Brown (Irene Rosenzweig / Lily Auchincloss / Samuel H. Kress Foundation Rome Prize Fellow in Ancient Studies at the American Academy in Rome) in collaboration with the Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle arti e Paesaggio per le Province di Frosinone, Latina e Rieti.

Papers will be given in English and Italian. You can watch this event livestreamed at

This project is made possible by the Fellows Project Fund of the American Academy in Rome.

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