What is the American Academy in Rome?

The American Academy in Rome is the oldest American overseas center for independent study and advanced research in the arts and humanities. Each year, through a national juried competition, the Academy offers approximately thirty Rome Prize fellowships.

Where is the American Academy in Rome located?

The Academy is located on the Janiculum Hill in Rome, Italy. For a map and directions from the airport, please click here.

How do I apply for the Rome Prize or an invitational Residency?

For questions about the Rome Prize, please read the Rome Prize FAQ. For information on invitational Residencies, please click here.

Can I visit the American Academy in Rome or attend its events?

Though the Academy is a private residential community, it has a full roster of free academic, artistic, and cultural events open to the public. You can see a list of upcoming events here. Many events may require advance registration due to limited seating capacity. Once a year, typically in late May, the Academy invites the public to see the work of Academy Fellows in an evening of open studios. For information regarding residencies and tours, please see below.

Can I conduct a video, film, or photography shoot at the Academy?

Because of the residential nature of the Academy, all requests for filming, photography, or interviews must be made in advance (at least 10 business days prior to project start). Please complete the request form located here.

Are there tours of the Academy?

The Academy organizes weekly tours. For more information or to register for a tour, please click here.  

Can I visit the Villa Aurelia?

The Villa Aurelia is part of the Academy properties and can be visited on occasions when the Academy stages advertised public events on its grounds. Click here for information on booking a private tour. For more information about the Villa Aurelia, including its rental, click here.

Can I spend the night, rent a room, or rent an apartment at the Academy?

You may apply for residency at the Academy through the Visiting Artist and Scholars program. Candidates must present a proposal for scholarly or artistic work, and the minimum stay is for two weeks. For more information please see the Visiting Artists and Scholars FAQ. A growing number of institutions also sponsor Affiliated Fellowships at the Academy. You can see a list here. The Academy welcomes further proposals for such institutional arrangements.

May I have lunch or dinner at the Academy?

Meals at the Academy are for members of the Academy community and their guests. However, members of the Friends of the Academy in Italy have certain dining privileges at the Academy. For information regarding the Friends of the Academy in Italy, please click here. For information regarding the Rome Sustainable Food Project, please visit the RSFP here.

Can I have a conference/exhibition of my work/book presentation at the Academy?

If you are interested in proposing a program at the Academy, please download the general guidelines for more information.

Can I have contact info for one of your Fellows?

For interviews and press inquiries, please contact press@aarome.org.

How can I support the Academy?

The Academy gratefully accepts contributions to help support its mission. You may make a donation by visiting our Support section or by contacting Elizabeth Harris at e.harris@aarome.org or 212-751-7200, ext. 350.