Derek Walcott, RAAR'11 with performers in "Moon-Child (Ti Jean in Concert)"
Philip Guston, FAAR'49, RAAR'70
Felipe Dulzaides, FAAR'11
David Sanford, FAAR'03 at the 2010 Cabaret
Open Studios of Andy Cao, FAAR'01
Open Studios, Andy Cao, FAAR'01
Yun-Fei Ji, FAAR'06
Studio of Carrie Mae Weems, FAAR'06
Arthur Simms, FAAR'03
Meteor Stream Recital by Terry Adkins, FAAR'10
Don Byron, FAAR'10
Alan Colquhoun, RAAR'85
Photo by Marc Treib
"For the Academy" by Jenny Holzer, RAAR'04
Chester Biscardi, FAAR'77
Sarah Oppenheimer, FAAR'11
Open Studios, David Meyer, FAAR'01
Paul Rudy, FAAR'11 with Aparna Keshaviah
Terry Adkins, FAAR'10
Lucas Foss, FAAR'52
Ward Shelley, FAAR'06
Photo by Richard Barnes, FAAR'06
Wendy Artin, Visiting Artist
Frank Stella, RAAR'83
Open Studios, Chris Counts, FAAR'09
Betty Woodman Exhibition, Fall 2010
Walker K. Hancock, FAAR'28, RAAR'57
Composer Paul Rudy, FAAR'11 and the Scharoun Ensemble Berlin
Photo by Corey Brennan, FAAR'88 and Professor-in-Charge of the School of Classical Studies
Carrie Mae Weems, FAAR'06 and Anita Berrizbeitia, FAAR'06
Michael Graves, FAAR'62, RAAR'79
"For the Academy" by Jenny Holzer, RAAR'04
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Arts provides support to the annual Rome Prize Fellows in architecture, design arts, historic preservation and conservation, landscape architecture, literature, musical composition, and visual arts. The School of Fine Arts also sponsors public programs to provide Fellows a cultural bridge between the United States, Italy, and Europe.

Among the activities designed for the Fellows are site visits and trips to locations of cultural interest as well as visits to the Academy by influential artists and scholars. Activities include trips to the Venice art and architecture Biennali and other important exhibitions, visits to major architectural sites, studio visits in and around Rome, and lectures by visiting American artists, as well as day-to-day exchanges with Residents and other distinguished visitors to the Academy.

In addition, Arts sponsors public exhibitions, lectures, and concerts. Each year, three to four exhibitions are presented in the Academy’s gallery, including the annual Fellows Exhibition presenting the work of that year’s Fine Arts Fellows at the end of their residence. Other exhibitions focus on the work of prominent artists, architects, and designers—particularly Americans whose work has not been widely viewed in Europe—as well as historical and thematic exhibitions of timely interest. Exhibitions are accompanied by public lectures by participating artists and scholars.

During the course of the year, the School of Fine Arts also invites distinguished artists, writers, and scholars to hold lectures, readings, and symposia, which are free to the public. Each year, The Academy and Arts sponsors an active music program presenting concerts and recitals by a variety of American and European musicians with and emphasis on music by twentieth-century American composers. The Arts program is administered by Peter Benson Miller, the Andrew Heiskell Arts Director, working with a network of Arts and Humanities Advisors to the American Academy in Rome.

Arts Index

The Arts Index provides a glimpse at the work of artists holding fellowships at the American Academy in Rome from 2008 to 2014. These include recipients of the Rome Prize in the disciplines that comprise the School of Fine Arts: architecture, design, historical preservation and conservation, landscape architecture, literature, musical composition, and visual arts. The index also includes the Italian Fellows in visual arts.