Kehinde Wiley

Roy Lichtenstein Artist in Residence
22 aprile–17 maggio 2024
Artist, Brooklyn

Kehinde Wiley is a celebrated contemporary artist known for his vibrant and powerful portraits that challenge traditional representations of power, identity, and beauty. Born in Los Angeles, Wiley is on an artistic journey that has taken him around the world, capturing the attention of art enthusiasts and critics alike.

Wiley’s distinctive style blends elements of classical portraiture with contemporary references, creating visually striking compositions that reimagine historical tropes in a modern context. His portraits often feature young people of color as the subjects, highlighting their presence and agency in art history. Through his skillful use of color, pattern, and elaborate backgrounds, Wiley infuses his works with a sense of energy and dynamism.

The photograph of Kehinde Wiley was taken by Ali Smith for the Observer.