In Residence: Nasser Rabbat

January 10, 2018
Nasser Rabbat
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In Residence: Nasser Rabbat
Louis Kahn Scholar in Residence
December 2017–February 2018

As an architect and historian, Nasser Rabbat’s work explores the history of Islamic architecture, art, and cultures. His talk at the Academy with designer Nader Tehrani will highlight the concept of “fluidity” as it relates to Syrian architectural heritage.

Having written extensively on political and cultural issues in the Islamic world in English, Arabic, and French, Nasser brings an international perspective on architecture to the AAR community. “I teach Islamic architecture, and I am committed to two pedagogical philosophies: the humanistic basis of modern education and the power of art and culture in bringing people together” (MIT’s The Tech). His lecture courses explore various facets of Islamic architecture and his seminars cover the history of Islamic urbanism, contemporary cities, orientalism, historiography, and the issue of meaning in architecture. In his research and teaching, he presents architecture’s relationship to culture and society as well as the role of human agency in shaping that interplay.

Nasser contributes to a number of Arabic publications, serves on the boards of various cultural and educational organizations, and is the Aga Khan Professor and the Director of the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at MIT.