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SOF Events June 2015

Maira Kalman, Sara Berman's Closet, 2015
Photo: Naho Kubota for Mmuseumm
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Maira Kalman in NYC, the Venice Biennale continues

30 May to an as yet unannounced date
Sara Berman's Closet
Saturdays and Sundays noon to 6pm 

Maira Kalman, AFAAR 2012, has reconstructed her mothers entirely white closet in a small space on an alley in lower Manhattan that is, appropriately, just off White Street. Sara Berman's Closet is the first exhibit at Mmuseumm 2, the new annex of Mmuseumm 1, both of which are directed by Kalman's son Alex.  

Mmuseumm 2
Cortlandt Alley between Franklin and White Streets, 2.5 blocks below Canal Street

Exhibitions and installations by Fellows and Residents continue in Venice, Paris, and London. See SOF Events, May 2015 for particulars.