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SOF NEWS March 2018

Diana Cooper, FAAR 2004, is showing new work this month (and part of next) at the New York Studio School Gallery.

SOF News February 2018

It’s the fiftieth anniversary of one of the most famous posters of the mid-twentieth century, Paul Davis’s painting of the Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara.


SOF News December 2017


Carmen C. Bambach, FAAR 1994, AFAAR 2005

SOF News November 2017

Abigail Child, FAAR 2010 

“She is the kind of filmmaker who just exceeds all the boundaries.” Richard Herskowitz, Curator of Ashland Film Festival and Houston Cinema Arts Festival

SOF News October 2017

Pamela Keech, distinguished senior curator at the Tenement Museum, has completed the furnishing of her seventh apartment recreation,Under One Roof.

SOF NEWS September 2017

Johannes Knoops, Liz Moore

July and August 2017

Academy bits and pieces for summer vacation

SOF News June 2017

The Baldric

SOF News May 2017

Franco Mondini-Ruiz, FAAR 2005

“Stepping into Franco Modini-Ruiz’s world, you’ll need to be very careful not to trip over any porcelain figurines, plastic cakes or taco shells. This Mexican-American artist creates intricate vignettes that reflect the influence of his San Antonio upbringing, contemporary gay culture and American consumerism.” So reads the back cover of High Pink:Tex-Mex Fairy Tales, his 2005 illustrated autobiography.

SOF News April 2017

Ronald G. Musto, FAAR 1979

Ron Musto and his wife Eileen Gardiner are medievalists from A to Z: PhDs, writers, editors, and publishers.

SOF NEWS March 2017

John R. Clarke, RAAR 1995, Trustee 2011-2013

SOF NEWS February 2017

Francine Prose and Abigail Child on protest

New Director in Rome to Start July 1, 2017

The Society of Fellows congratulates John Ochsendorf, FAAR 2008, on his appointment as the Academy's next director. The SOF thanks Kimberley Bowes, FAAR 2006, for her inspired direction and contributions during the past three years.

SOF NEWS January 2017

Happy New Year

SOF News December 2016

Paul Gehl retires, Elliot Green in Bushwick, William Neil's new CD

SOF NEWS November 2016

Selected works by 120+ Academy writers

Tour of "The Golden Age of King Midas" in Philadelphia

Tour of the "Golden Age of King Midas" exhibition
Friday, November 18, 3:00 – 4:00pm 
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
3260 South Street 
Philadelphia, PA 

Dr. C. Brian Rose, FAAR 1992, RAAR 2012, Deputy Director of the museum will lead the tour. The exhibition includes more than 120 objects from Turkish museums in Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya and Gordion. This event and museum admission is free. 

SOF NEWS October 2016

The reading list is almost complete: S-S

SOF News September 2016

Reading list—writers M to R

SOF News July 2016

Reading list, J-L

SOF News June 2016

Grover Mouton on life as a Fellow. Reading list continues.

SOF News May 2016

Henri Cole gets a prize, reading list continued

SOF NEWS April 2016

Joseph Brodsky and a reading list

SOF News March 2016

Sinclair Bell's new book

SOF News February 2016


SOF News January 2016

A posthumous book by Oscar Hijuelos

SOF News December 2015

Blues in the streets, 

SOF NEWS November 2015

Saving a painting by Eugene Francis Savage

SOF NEWS October 2015

Irene Rosenzweig, FAAR 1930, Anthony Doerr on CD

SOF News September 2015

Caren Canier remembers Philip Guston

SOF NEWS July & August 2015

Andy Cao sparkles in Austria

SOF News June 2015

News from Fellows in Historic Preservation.

SOF News May 2015

Anthony Doerr and David Kertzer win Pulitzer Prizes, Agnes Denes and The Living Pyramid

SOF News April 2015

R.H. Quaytman wins 2015 Wolfgang Hahn Prize, Patricia Cronin in the Venice Biennale

SOF News March 2015

Architects and sabbaticals

SOF NEWS February 2015

Walker Hancock, Monuments Man

SOF News January 2015

Bits of news from some of the Fellows in Literature

SOF News December 2014

Laurie Anderson and Jenny Holzer to partner with Mass MoCa. Kevin Walz is back in New York.

SOF News November 2014

George Stoll in the news, around the world with KieranTimberlake

Charles L. Babcock, a Memoir

A tribute to Charles Luther Babcock by Katherine A. Geffcken, FAAR 1955

SOF News October 2014

Laurie Anderson and David Lang are quite busy, David Petrain has moved to NYC

SOF News September 2014

Pamela Long gets a MacArthur, Billie Tsien and Tod Williams win the National Medal of Arts, an interview with Kim Jones, David Rubin's new work in Indianapolis.

SOF News July & August 2014

Milton Hebald's Zodiac Screen, Ron and Suzanne Dirsmith's work with Hugh Hefner, Jeffrey Schiff's work in Boston 

SOF NEWS June 2014

Fellows' blogs and websites 

SOF NEWS May 2014

Music, Design, Art

SOF NEWS April 2014

The brilliance of Paul Davis, dear friend Michael Larvey passes

News, Dues, and a Reunion

An update from SOF President Patricia Cronin, FAAR 2007 

SOF News March 2014

Academy composers at the Aspen Music Festival this summer, news from Soyeon Choi, Steven Stucky, and more 

SOF NEWS February 2014

Lyle Ashton Harris receives David K. Driskell Prize

SOF News January 2014

William Neil and Jack Youngerman

SOF News December 2013

James Wines wins Lifetime Achievement Award in Design, Adele Chatfield-Taylor ends her term as Academy president this month, Maira Kalman, Gretchen Kromer, Ron Dirsmith, and more.

SOF NEWS November 2013

Smithsonian acquires installation by Franco Mondini-Ruiz, a new book by Pamela Keech, and Pasta is out.

SOF News October 2013

Carrie Mae Weems receives a MacArthur Fellowship, María Elena González wins an international prize, and Wendy Heller's new book is out. 

SOF NEWS September 2013

New books by writer Lucy Corin, architect Kiel Moe, and artist Patricia Cronin, plus a new catalog from Italica Press.

SOF NEWS September 2013

New books by writer Lucy Corin, architect Kiel Moe, and artist Patricia Cronin. 

SOF NEWS July & August 2013

Ana Mendieta, FAAR'84, Harrison Gibbs, FAAR'38

This year, the work of Ana Mendieta, FAAR'84 has been featured in a major retrospective in Italy, an exhibit in New York City, and is the subject of an upcoming film.

SOF NEWS June 2013

Photo series by Matthew Monteith, FAAR'09 on Flavorwire

Flavorwire is featuring a photo series by Matthew Monteith, FAAR'09. "Guardare" shows people explaining art to other people and begins with Carmela Franklin, FAAR'85, RAAR'02 on the roof of the Villa Aurelia.

Composer Harold Shapero, FAAR'51, RAAR'71 dies at age 93. See Obituaries.

SOF NEWS May 2013

Kristen Jones, FAAR'94 and Andrew Ginzel, FAAR'94 have completed Fathom, a multi-element installation for the Karen H. Huntsman Library at Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. It was commissioned by the Utah Arts Council.

SOF NEWS May 2013

Colin Gee's new video piece, I, who am the chorus, is now online.

I, who am the chorus, a 17 part video piece by Colin Gee, FAAR'11, is now online. It was produced in Rome during his fellowship year. The secret to the completely deserted settings? Shoot at 5 am.

SOF NEWS May 2013

Colin Gee's new video piece, I, who am the chorus, is now online.

I, who am the chorus, a 17 part video piece by Colin Gee, FAAR'11, is now online. It was produced in Rome during his fellowship year. The secret to the completely deserted settings? Shoot at 5 am.

SOF NEWS April 2013

News from Daniel Davidson, Katarzyna Jerzak, Ron Musto and more.

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Letter from SOF President Drew Beattie

Dear Fellows and Residents,

I write you on the Ides of March with this year’s appeal for SOF dues. More than ever, I would like to see our dues-paying ranks increase, so that we can fund more receptions, events and initiatives that keep us in touch. And now’s the time we come to you each year before the arriving spring speeds into summers devoted to studios, research and travel. 

SOF News March 2013

News from the field

SOF News February 2013

What's up with Fellows and Residents

SOF News January 2013

What's going on with Fellows and Residents

SOF News December 2012

The latest news from Fellows and Residents

SOF News November 2012

The latest from Fellows and Residents

SOF News September 2012

News from Fellows and Residents

SOF News August 2012

The latest doings of Fellows and Residents

SOF News July 2012

News from Fellows and Residents