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SOF NEWS April 2016

Joseph Brodsky by Kirill Bobyley
Press photo
Anthony Hecht, first Fellow in Literature
Photo: Lotte Jacobi
Craig Arnold, Fellow in Literature
Photo: tumblr
Sarah Arvio, Fellow in Literature
Photo: Eddie Vega
Elizabeth Bowen, Resident in Literature
Van Wyck Brooks, Resident in Literature
Cover of Time Magazine, 1944
Adria Bernardi, Fellow in Literature
Tom Bissell, Fellow in Literature
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Joseph Brodsky and a reading list

On March 30 one of the Academy’s most revered residents in literature, Joseph Brodsky, RAAR 1981 (1940-1996), was honored in London with the unveiling of a bust by the Russian sculptor Kirill Bobylev. The bust will be exhibited at Waterstones Piccadilly Russian Bookshop before being transferred to a permanent spot at Keele University in Staffordshire, UK.

The Academy instituted the fellowship in literature in 1952. The first recipient was the poet Anthony Hecht, FAAR 1952, RAAR 1969. 

Read anything by a fellow Fellow lately? Here’s a list of one work by each writer whose last name begins with A or B. Look for C-D next month.

The Hemophiliac’s Motorcycle, 1994
Tom Andrews, FAAR 2000

Made Flesh, 2008
Craig Arnold, FAAR 2006

Night Thoughts: 70 Poems & Notes from an Analysis, 2013
Sarah Arvio, FAAR 2004

Alexander Belyakov, AFAAR 2013

Voices Bright Flags, 2014
Geoffrey Brock, FAAR 1999

Collected Poems in English, 2002
Joseph Brodsky, RAAR 1981

The House of Tomorrow, 2010
Peter Bognanni, FAAR 2014

First Love and Other Sorrows, 1958
Harold Brodkey, FAAR 1961

Dead Meander, 2014
Adria Bernardi, FAAR 2008

Apostle: Travels Among the Tombs of the Twelve, 2016
Tom Bissell, FAAR 2007

A Time in Rome, 1960
Elizabeth Bowen, RAAR 1960

The Dream of Arcadia: American Writers and Artists in Italy, 1760-1915, 1958
Van Wyck Brooks, RAAR 1956

Let Us Watch Richard Wilbur: A Critical Biography, Fall 2016
Mary and Robert Bagg, FAAR 1959
(Richard Wilbur, FAAR 1955)

Nightmaze, 2001
Thomas Bolt, FAAR 1994

The brand new book Carrie Mae Weems: Kitchen Table Series is featured in T Magazine, April 5.