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SOF NEWS January 2017

Happy New Year from Richard Taransky Studio
Layers of wall covering at the Tenement Museum
Photo: Pamela Keech
LAND COLLECTIVE, Landscape for Cummins, Inc. Indianapolis
Courtesy: David Rubin
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Happy New Year

Pamela Keech, FAAR 1982, was featured in the year-end issue of the New Yorker for her work at the Tenement Museum on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Keech, now senior curator of furnishings, has been collecting what some might call 19th and 20th century detritus to recreate the modest homes of immigrant families since 1994.
She is currently working on a new installation set in the mid-20th century that will focus on a family of holocaust survivors, a migrant family from Puerto Rico, and a Chinese family whose mother worked in the garment industry in Chinatown. A mock-up of a garment factory complete with industrial sewing machines will end the tour with a deeper look into the lives of Chinese women workers. 

Land Collective, the design firm of David Rubin, FAAR 2102, is nearing completion on the Cummins Indianapolis Distribution Business Unit Headquarters in downtown Indianapolis. A Cummins spokesman writes, “The uneven landscape in the plaza directs and collects water runoff when it rains. Designed by the Philadelphia-based firm LAND COLLECTIVE, known for its socially-purposeful design strategies, these natural retention areas will provide more than 3,200 cubic feet of space for storm water collection. A green roof on the parking garage and terrace will also collect rainfall.”