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SOF News July 2016

Krys Lee
Photo: Matt Douma
Randall Kenan
Photo: Wei Wang
Chang-rae Lee
Photo: The Guardian
Dave King
Photo: Claus Gretter
Brad Kessler
Photo: Gourmet Magazine
Karl Kirchwey with Seamus Heaney
Photo: AAR Archives
Alfred Kazin
Photo: Oscar White, 1965
Timur Kibirov
Richard Kenney
Photo: courtesy Minal Hajratwala
Galway Kinnell
Photo: Bob Adelman/Corbis
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Reading list, J-L

Orrery, 1985
Richard Kenney, FAAR 1987

Greek and Roman Catholic Songs and Nursery Rhymes, 2009
Timur Kibirov, AFAAR 2000

A New Selected Poems, 2000
Galway Kinnell, RAAR 1987

Mount Lebanon, 2011
Karl Kirchwey, FAAR 1994

Let the Dead Bury Their Dead, 1992
Randall Keenan, FAAR 1997

Birds in Fall, 2007
Brad Kessler, FAAR 2009

The Ha-Ha, 2005
Dave King, FAAR 2007

The Surrendered, 2010
Chang-rae Lee, RAAR 2008

How I Became a North Korean, 2016
Krys Lee, FAAR 2015

Life Among the Surrealists, 1962
Matthew Josephson, RAAR 1960

Black Mountain College: Experiment In Art, 2002
Vincent Katz, FAAR 2002

On Native Grounds, 1942
Alfred Kazin, RAAR 1975

Cities in a Race with Time: Progress and Poverty in America's Renewing Cities, 1967
Jeanne R. Lowe, FAAR 1970

Diaries of Exile, Yannis Ritsos, 2013
Edmund Keeley, FAAR 1960 and Karen Emmerich