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Gregory Leftwich, FAAR 1991

Gregory Leftwich, FAAR 1991
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Gregory Leftwich, Fellow in Classical Studies and Archaeology, died on December 13, 2015 in Bloomington, Indiana. He was 64.

Robert Williams, FAAR 1991 writes:
He was possibly the most brilliant person I've ever known, and his character was even more radiant than his mind. The first time I heard him play Chopin I wondered whether he wasn't Apollo-in-hiding, as in Heine's short stories about the afterlives of the Olympian gods. I just don't know what to say. Even tho' I hadn't seen him or heard from him in many years, such was the impression that he left on me that I feel his loss as if I'd seen him just recently, and I will never forget him. I can only imagine what those of you who were closer to him must be feeling. Something extraordinarily rare and precious has been lost to the world.

An obituary was published by Stillwater News Press in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  A memorial page is here