Amy Franceschini

Mark Hampton Rome Prize
Artist, San Francisco
Trust Me, Not if You Are Faint at Heart

Trust Me Not if You Are Faint at Heart is the title of a short film and book that serve as a backstory and visual identity for Radio Instabile, a migratory radio station based in a tree house in Abruzzo, Italy. It includes graphics, costumes and set design. Radio Instabile is an ongoing project that began in Abruzzo in 2015 in collaboration with the artist-in-residency program, Pollinaria and the collective I am part of, Futurefarmers. Radio Instablie is made up of a consortium of farmers / seed custodians committed to research, preserve, and share rare and ancient seeds of cereals. They consider seeds as their social media and are committed to radio as a tool to further broadcast their work. T.M.N. will look to early experiments in radio and broadcasting for inspiration, namely the work of Italian engineer, Guglielmo Marconi and the 1933, Italian Rural Radio Agency with the motto, "The village must have the radio." These two instances will provide a means of drawing upon history to project an alternative future.


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