Marcel Sanchez Prieto

Frances Barker Tracy/Arnold W. Brunner/Katherine Edwards Gordon Rome Prize
Partner, CRO studio, San Diego and Tijuana
Professor, School of Architecture, Woodbury University

While in Rome I will explore architectural divides in the form of the portal, courtyard and stair. These architectural divides will be studied as liminal space: not as abrupt barriers, but as the transitional layering from public to private realms. The informal spaces that exist between buildings, the lowlands that are defined by surrounding hilltops, and the environments adjacent to and providing context for monuments will inform the project. To conduct the primary focus of my research, I will survey structures and access drawing archives of transitional spaces designed by Ferdinando Sanfelice in Naples as well as the divergent evolution of these forms in Naples and Rome. Architectural Divides proposes the scenic study of historic architectural elements developed within the framework of collaborative artistic research, video projection, installations and drawings to reveal these elements as the medium through which we see the politics of space.

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