Black and white photograph of the head and shoulders of a dark skinned man with a beard and wearing a hoodie over a baseball cap; he is seen looking pensive in 3/4 view sitting in a high-ceiling room that has a blurry background

Bradford M. Young

Philip Guston Rome Prize
February 10–July 14, 2023
Owner and Cinematographer, Bradford Young DP, Baltimore
Project title
Untitled GYMR
Project description

Ten years ago, my sister gave me a box of letters people had written to us after my mother passed from AIDS in 1993. Since then, the box has remained unopened. I’d like to create a space for my sisters and me to read these letters to one another. I’d like to build a replica of my childhood kitchen. I will build three walls of a hexagon. Grey walls and a floor of half-yellow shag carpet a half-burnt flower print low pile carpet. In the middle of the room there will be a blue hexagon-shaped table. On the table will be a plate of bran muffins and three cups of coffee. Suspended above the table will be a pendant light. I will have my two older sisters join me at the table. I will shoot us reading the letters and turn that footage into a four-channel film intervention: three channels of us reading and one of light studies shot in 16mm around the house that my mother and I grew up in, which is also where she died.

The photograph of Bradford M. Young was taken by Atsushi Nishijima.