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Tue, 08/12/2014 - 08:29 -- p.keech

The American Academy in Rome is famous for its art related programs and research openings. Its conferences, tours in Rome and archaeological projects attract students from all around the world, keen to study and research the artistic aspects of Italy. AA offers different programs and relevant fellowships, like summer and winter programs. This is a unique chance for the American students to learn more about the European arts and undergo intercultural exchange. The free spirit in AA helps learning of architecture, literature, musical and visual arts, design, and other related subjects.

The costs for participating in these programs can reach 850 Euros per week, which may not be affordable to all American students. Therefore, students eager to take part in the American Academy’s activities are encouraged to look for alternative sources of money, like personal loans. The industry of loans has opened a lot of doors to people with limited possibilities and students are probably the most privileged of them. Getting a loan for paying your studies without having a steady income? How good can it get?

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