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LibX Instructions

What is LibX?

"LibX AAR Edition" is a Firefox and Chrome add-on which provides direct access to the Arthur & Janet C. Ross Library catalog from any page on the web.  

Use LibX when you find a reference to a publication on the web that you would like to search in our catalog. Highlight the text that you would like to search (author, title, or subject keywords) and use the LibX right-click menu option to perform a keyword search in the catalog or Google Scholar. LibX also automatically recognizes and links ISBN numbers and ISSN numbers to the catalog. In this manner, if you are reading an article or review on the web or are looking at a book in Amazon or elsewhere, you can confirm whether we hold a copy of the book with a couple of clicks.

Installation Instructions

The quickest way, especially for those at the Academy, is to visit the link provides access to our LibX edition, a demo and instructions, including links to install the AARome edition of LibX to your Firefox or Chrome browser. You may also visit — the site will recognize your IP address and propose to install the appropriate edition for your browser.

If this fails or if you are not accessing LibX from the Academy, you can install the Add-on directly to Firefox via the following link:  — follow the instructions on the screen; if there are warning messages click on Continue, Allow, Install, etc.  For Chrome, you will have to search  for “LibX” as an Extension in the Chrome Web Store.

Note that LibX only works with Chrome and Firefox
If you have another version of LibX from your home institution do not proceed, as this installation will overwrite it.

LibX Search

After installation is complete you will see the LibX logo in the upper right corner of your browser.

• Click on the logo to open LibX search options.
• Click on “Preferences” and select “Context Menu” and confirm that “ using 'Go'” is checked.
• You also setup your own preferences on the “Browser” tab.
• Close the browser tab.

You are now ready to use LibX: highlight the text or the ISBN that you would like to search, right-click and select "Search" to launch a search in our catalog.  Through the xISBN service, any number that resembles an ISBN on a webpage (such as Amazon or bookstore, bibliographies or reviews) will turn into a link and provide for one-click search.