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Friends of the Academy

Join the Friends of the Academy and become part of the American Academy in Rome, one of theleading American overseas centers for independent research in the arts and humanities.

For more than 117 years the Academy has offered time, support, and an inspiring environment to some of America's most gifted artists and scholars. Many Academy fellows and residents have had a significant influence in the worlds of art, music, culture, literature, scholarship, and education.

Friends will receive news of the Academy and its fellows, programs and events. Membership dues support the Academy's on-going operations, including the annual Rome Prize competition,programs, and residential life, and the Academy's buildings and grounds.

Please join us today. The support of Academy Friends is more important than ever.



Help support the American Academy in Rome by becoming a member of the Friends of the Academy in Italy. Our purpose is to help promote cultural and social exchange between the community at the Academy and those of us who call Italy home. By becoming a Friend you will be included in the academic, artistic and social life at the Academy, and provide much needed financial support to this American institution in Rome.

Friends of the Library

Academy Fellows and Residents, artists, scholars and other readers in the Academy's Arthur & Janet C. Ross Library, as well as booklovers worldwide are cordially invited to join the Friends of the Library of the American Academy in Rome.

The Friends of the Library was founded 1961 by library readers so that they could help build the library's collections with their annual dues and special initiatives. For nearly half a century, the FOL has provided important financial support for acquisitions, and has helped to raise awareness of the library through regular programs presenting the work of its readers.

International Council of the American Academy in Rome

The International Council of the American Academy in Rome is an association of individuals committed to the founding principles and to the future of the Academy. Members of the International Council share in the Rome Prize experience through an annual trip to the Academy with tours in and around Rome, special events at the Academy including concerts, exhibitions, readings and studio visits, as well as an annual briefing with Academy leadership. Additional special events in the United States will include attending Fellows' concerts, exhibition openings and readings, touring new or restored buildings and landscapes, joining reading groups, visiting studios and experiencing all that Academy Fellows and Residents have accomplished since their time in Rome. Membership is open to all, but the size of the group is limited.

For further information, please contact:

Isabel Orbon
Development Officer
(212) 751-7200 extension 348

Kitchen Cabinet of the RSFP

Since its official launch in 2007, the leadership of the American Academy in Rome and Alice Waters envisioned the Rome Sustainable Food Project (RSFP) as an eco-gastronomic extension of the Academy’s long-standing values.

Armed with first-hand knowledge of the daily challenges and triumphs of a professional kitchen that feeds a large community, the RSFP staff and interns* are actively committed to preparing and serving seasonal, sustainable, nutritious food. Connecting academic culture to Roman agriculture, they nourish scholarship and creativity.

The dining table at the Academy isn’t just about delicious food, it’s an idea that brings us back to our senses and can be a model for educational institutions everywhere. ~ Alice Waters

*The internship program has provided an opportunity for intense culinary training for more than 70 cooks who have gone on, all over the world, to teach, write, train, work, and spread the word about sustainable dining/eating/cooking in an institution. sustainable= long-term responsible support and management of resources

Furniture Festschrift

The Furniture Festschrift of the American Academy in Rome’s Arthur & Janet C. Ross Library is exactly what the name implies: a chance to honor great teachers, mentors, colleagues and friends through chairs, tables, carrels and alcoves. Each dedicated piece has been named for someone who has made a significant contribution to the library itself, and to those who have worked there. Some pieces have been named by many grateful students, each giving small donations in honor of their mentor while others have been named by a single individual. All are a testament to the importance of these senior artists and scholars, to their students, to their discipline and to the life of the Academy.

The Academy remains grateful to these donors who have generously chosen to draw attention to those who have enriched their lives, while at the same time enriching the library for others. The Furniture Festschrift continues, and it is still possible to name a chair, table, carrel or alcove in honor of a mentor, colleague, or friend – with all contributions going to support the library.

Please contact for more information.