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L'Accademia Americana di Roma assegna il Premio Roma per un gruppo selezionato di artisti e studiosi, dopo un processo di applicazione che inizia in autunno di ogni anno. I vincitori, annunciati in primavera, sono invitati a Roma per proseguire il loro lavoro in un clima favorevole alla libertà intellettuale e artistica, di scambio interdisciplinare e l'innovazione. I vincitori del Premio Roma 2011-12 sono elencate qui con un breve riassunto del progetto con le loro parole.

Members of the community stay involved with the Academy through the Society of Fellows, which is governed by an elected council; its president serves ex-officio on the Academy’s Board of Trustees. The Society of Fellows acts as a network for all alumni, sponsors events and promotes the fellowship and supports the Academy.

The Classical Society of the American Academy in Rome (CSAAR), founded in 1937 to support the programs and activities of the School of Classical Studies, is open to all Fellows in the humanities and to participants in AAR summer programs.


Nine juries are constituted annually to select approximately thirty Rome Prize winners. Each jury consist of a jury chair and three or more jurors, all of them experts in their fields and disciplines. The several juries nominate winners in their categories and submit the final list of nominees to the Board of Trustees for approval.

Board of Trustees

The Academy is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of up to fifty members, who provide invaluable service and direction. Their number includes leaders in business, law, and philanthropy as well as distinguished artists and scholars, many of them Fellows and Residents of the Academy. Trustees remain engaged with the Academy community after the period of service; two have been elected Life Trustees.

Advisors (AAAR)

In 2011, the role of Arts and Humanities Advisor to the American Academy in Rome was created. The Academy has long encouraged collaboration within the community and outside Academy walls. By establishing the role of Advisor, the Academy builds on this premise by opening AAR to respected local leaders in scholarly and artistic disciplines and also makes the expertise and connections of the Advisors available to each new class of Fellows, facilitating their work and enhancing the fellowship experience.

Staff of the American Academy in Rome are based in Rome, Italy and New York City. This section includes an alphabetical listing of staff by location and department.