SOF News – February 2017

SOF News February 2017 - Eric Nathan
Eric Nathan’s residency at Copeland House
Abigail Child, Acts & Intermissions, 2016

Francine Prose, RAAR 2006 has written an opinion piece for the Guardian. Read “Forget Protest. Trumps actions warrant a general strike"

Abigail Child writes, “Thrilled to announce my new film ACTS & INTERMISSIONS will be featured in Doc Fortnight 2017: MoMA’s International Festival of Nonfiction Film and Media.”

World Premiere

Child's experimental documentary circles around the life of Emma Goldman—viewed at the turn of the 20th century as the “most dangerous woman alive”—and her relationship to the history of protest. Goldman’s fight for social justice encompassed issues that remain urgent today, and the film’s overlapping of past and present highlights the continuing relevance of her struggle.

February 16–26, 2017
Friday, February 17
4:30 p.m.

T1, Theater 1
The Museum of Modern Art
Post-screening discussion with Child
Tickets on sale February 3

Sunday, February 19

T2, Theater 2
Post-screening discussion with Child
Tickets on sale February 5

Museum of Modern Art
11 W. 53 Street

A note from Eric Nathan, FAAR 2014

Dear All,

I hope this finds you well in the new year. I'm writing from Copland House where I'm in residence for the month living and composing in Aaron Copland's home. I've been loving my time here – it's such a beautiful and inspiring place to work. Earlier this week I took out my trumpet and played Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man" (the first page of the manuscript is hanging in the hallway). It felt good to play it here after learning and practicing it so many years ago. I'm a little rusty but gave it heart. Hopefully Copland's spirit approves. 

In February, I'm looking forward to the National Symphony Orchestra's performance my "Glimpse" under the baton of John Devlin, on his NSO conducting debut. John and I have known each other since high school and have collaborated on numerous projects and he has championed my work (I think this is now the ninth (!) time he has performed my orchestral music). The concert is a specially curated dinner concert that coincides with Joshua Bell's residency with the NSO and will feature music paired with inventive cuisine created by celebrity chef Mike Isabella. It should be a tasty evening!

Looking back to the fall, on November 8 the Boston Symphony Orchestra premiered my work, the space of a door. I'm so grateful for all the support from family and friends who joined me in Boston (some of whom traveled great distances to be there) and to all who sent support online. A special thanks goes to Andris Nelsons and the BSO musicians and administration for a wonderful week and for sharing such inspired performances throughout. 

With the BSO premiere on election night and the concerts continuing through the rest of that week, I was humbled by the dedication and artistry of the BSO players, who gave some of the most uplifting nights of music making I've experienced. Ken Ross hit it right on the head when he ended his review of November 12ths concert with: "All I can say is it's night(s) like these that make me feel fortunate to be alive."

Wishing you my best for 2017.