Color photograph of an Asian woman with dark hair wearing a black thin strapped dress and smiling at the camera; her left hand touches her cheek, and her right hand touches her throat

Miya Masaoka

Luciano Berio Rome Prize
5 settembre 2022–14 luglio 2023
Associate Professor and Director, Sound Art, School of the Arts, Columbia University
Titolo del progetto
The Horizon Leans Forward for the International Contemporary Ensemble
Descrizione del progetto

I will be creating three different but related works. First, I will be composing a piece entitled The Horizon Leans Forward for the celebrated International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE). Second, I will create field recordings from the local urban and country landscapes in and around Rome to be incorporated into both a composition for ICE and an installation at Governors Island in New York. Third, I will research the history of three-dimensional drawings in Italy during the Renaissance and create a sound installation referencing depth perception in vision and sound from both a fifteenth-century Renaissance and contemporary standpoint. I look forward to deepening my practice involving composition, sonic and spatial perception, from a both a Western and Japanese sensibility.

The photograph of Miya Masaoka was taken by Heike Liss.