Color photograph of a light skinned woman seen from the waist up; she crosses her arms in front of her and looks at the camera with a serious expression

Pamela Hatchfield

Booth Family Rome Prize
1 settembre 2006–3 agosto 2007
Head of Objects Conservation, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Titolo del progetto
Artists Using Architecture: Exploring the Relationship between Architecture, Contemporary Art, and Conservation
Descrizione del progetto

Pamela Hatchfield’s project explores issues of conservation and preservation raised by the installation of contemporary works within the context of preexisting historical architectural settings. The result of this project will be a book designed to assist conservators, curators, and other professionals in navigating the physical and philosophical challenges of installing contemporary work in historical settings. Artists Using Architecture stems in part from Hatchfield’s involvement in the Exposition La Beaute 2000 in Avignon in which she interacted with artists such as Sarah Sze, Anish Kapoor, and Jeff Koons, who created installation to interact with the fourteenth-century Palais des Papes.