Color photograph of the head and shoulders of a dark skinned man with a slight gray beard and wearing a black jacket with a wide collar, look directly at the camera

Todd Gray

Joseph H. Hazen Rome Prize
13 febbraio–14 luglio 2023
Artist, Los Angeles and Akwidaa, Ghana
Titolo del progetto
the hidden order of the whole
Descrizione del progetto

The historic sociopolitical, cultural, and economic relationships between Western Europe, postcolonial Africa, and North America are central to my work. I plan to make deeper creative investigations into my practice while exploring more nuanced critical and intertextual dialogues regarding identity, African diaspora, power, history, and visual culture. Imperial gardens, architecture, monuments, and signifiers of Old Europe will be primary sites of research and photographic investigation while in Rome. The photographs of these sites will be added to my forty-year-old ongoing archive. I also plan to introduce images of popular culture I have made decades ago as a music and editorial photographer, claiming these creative fables of African American entertainers as spaces of narrative plurality and possibility.