Color photograph of a dark skinned man with gray hair and beard wearing a dark blazer over a blue shirt; he looks at the camera with a serious expression

Zachary Fabri

Nancy B. Negley Rome Prize
1 settembre 2023–12 gennaio 2024
Artist, Brooklyn
Titolo del progetto
Descrizione del progetto

For my Rome Prize Fellowship, I will focus on an interdisciplinary and multiphase project that examines the thirteen obelisks in Rome. I will place specific interest on the eight ancient Egyptian obelisks stolen and transported to Rome. Titled T(KH)N, the project interrogates the legacies of colonial architecture, repatriation, and public space using video, performance, and drawing. The multiphase project employs a structured methodology that remixes the hierarchy of research, process, and production. Using the obelisks as a geographical framework, I will create a series of videos and drawings that speak to and respond to the body, its relationship to the public space, and surrounding context, possibly disrupting memories of an oppressive past and forging new psychospatial relationships to placemaking.