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Color photograph of a oxidized steel nameplate on a stone wall; the sign reads American Academy in Rome


The American Academy in Rome is the oldest overseas center for research and study in the arts and humanities. Each year, the Academy awards the Rome Prize to a select group of artists and scholars who are invited to live and work in a dynamic international community in the heart of Rome. To support the work of these Fellows, the Academy also hosts programming in Rome, New York, and around the United States.

AAR is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Under the direction of the Head Gardener, the Gardener is responsible for maintaining gardens and landscaped areas. This position requires carrying out ordinary maintenance activities of the external garden areas, with persistence, efficiency, and reliability.


  • Tilling the soil (deals with hoeing, digging, weeding, eradicating weeds, fertilizing, preparing compost, improving drainage, composition and texture of the soil)
  • Taking care of the life cycle of plants (sowing and multiplying, planting, watering, applying treatments against diseases and insects), all with the help of the typical equipment of the trade such as hoes, rakes, shears, brooms, spades and so on
  • The care of trees and hedges (plants, fertilization, treatments, pruning, even at high altitudes, both training and topiary), for which he uses suitable tools, both manual and motorized such as diggers, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, wire cutters , electric scissors, safety harnesses, etc.
  • Lawn care (sowing, intermingling, watering, fertilizing, mowing and finishing) for which he uses lawn tractors, brush cutters, raiders and hand lawnmowers
  • Care of flower arrangements, vases and floral displays (plants and caring for decorative flowerbeds and vases, carries out manual weeding, removes dried blooms and waters vases and borders)
  • Care of the vegetable garden and fruit plants, with particular attention to organic and sustainable cultivation methods
  • The management of non-compostable waste and garden waste in general, which is handled with the aid of vans and tractors
  • Cleaning and ordinary maintenance of the areas, structures and furnishings present in the gardens, even if not made up of vegetation (paths, car parks, fountains, clearings, pergolas, gazebos, ladders and furnishings, electrical systems and irrigation)
  • Provides cleaning, ordinary maintenance and storage of both work clothing, protective devices and tools, work tools and materials


  • None


  • Diploma in Agriculture
  • Possession of a license for pesticides and any previous experience in the field
  • Minimum work experience is required, as is knowledge of the operation of work tools and their maintenance.


  • Good manual skills necessary to carry out the tasks indicated above
  • Flexibility and openness to learn
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Endurance and physical prowess
  • Passion for life in the open air
  • Adaptability in case of emergencies or needs requested by the manager on duty
  • Punctuality and respect for working hours


The work shifts are mainly during the day. Although a timetable suited to the needs of the Academy will be established, the worker is hereby informed that, solely for extraordinary reasons, the pre-established timetable may vary.


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