Color reproduction of twelve photographs of details of old master paintings where the original artist painted red blood

Shows Featuring AAR Fellows and Residents to See This Fall

The fall season is officially here, and with it, many excellent shows are opening in New York, London, and beyond. These gallery and museum exhibitions feature the work of Rome Prize Fellows and Residents—in some cases directly inspired or initiated during their time at the Academy.

Color photograph of a light skinned man in a blue suit standing at a podium delivering a lecture; an audience of several dozen people sit in chairs, and a PowerPoint slideshow is projected on a wall

Peter N. Miller: What Is an “American” Academy in Rome?

Last week AAR President Peter N. Miller delivered his first talk to a packed lecture room at the American Academy in Rome.

Color reproduction of a colorful map of Rome from centuries ago

When in Rome: Italian Fellows

This month we highlight the favorite places of our Italian Fellows, who come to AAR from across Italy and bring with them a unique perspective that enriches the AAR community. 

AAR Welcomes 2023–24 Rome Prize Winners and Italian Fellows

The Academy is grateful to reopen this month for yet another season, and to welcome our new class of Rome Prize winners and Italian Fellows to the Eternal City.

Black and white photographs of an ancient Roman ruins showing a brick wall and mosaic floor

From the Archives: The Urban Legacy of Ancient Rome

The Urban Legacy of Ancient Rome is a website offering nearly 1,500 digitized photographs by Ernest Nash from AAR’s Fototeca Unione.

Black and white facade of a neoclassical building and gates

AAR Announces Residents for Fall/Winter 2023

The American Academy in Rome today announced its slate of Residents for fall and winter 2023.

Color photograph of the head of a light skinned man wearing glasses, standing outside a building and looking directly at the camera

In Memoriam: Adam T. Foley

Adam T. Foley, a classicist, historian, and a 2016 Rome Prize Fellow in Renaissance and early modern studies, has died.

Reproduction of a map of Rome in monochromatic orange

When in Rome: Calvin Tsao

Calvin Tsao, a principal at Tsao & McKown Architects and chair of the American Academy’s Board of Trustees, shares his favorite places in Rome.

Graphically designed element with two rows of wide, colorful letters spelling ROME as EROM and OMER; in the space of the letters are photos of pine tree bark, street paving stones, a murmuration of starlings, and a sheet of travertine

Applications Open for the 2024 Rome Prize Competition

Each year, the Rome Prize is given to about thirty-five artists and scholars who represent the highest standard of excellence in their fields. Winners receive a stipend, room and board, and individual workspace at AAR’s eleven-acre campus.

Color photograpgh of fifteen people of ranging ages and ethnicities standing in a row looking at the camera

Society of Fellows Gatherings in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago

Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago played host to the Society of Fellows’ Gatherings Series in the first half of 2023. With its latest round of events, SOF continues to bring fellowship, culture, and discussion to friends across the country.

Black and white photograph of an artist's studio depicting a sculptor working among many examples of his figurative work

From the Archives: Albin Polasek

The spotlight has often shone on Paul Manship, AAR’s 1912 Rome Prize Fellow in sculpture, so we now turn to his colleague: Albin Polasek. A 1913 Fellow, Polasek was a Czech-American sculptor who, like Manship, worked in a neoclassical style.

A color photo from the early 1960s depicting a light skinned woman in an artist's studio, studying a collection of small stones on a work table

In Memoriam: Marjorie Kreilick

Marjorie Kreilick, a 1963 Fellow and the second woman to win a Rome Prize in painting, died on July 5, 2023, in Madison, Wisconsin.

Black and white photograph from 1952 of a light skinned man in a short sleeve shirt seated at a table; he holds a page of sheet music; a piano can be seen behind him

From the Archives: Lukas Foss

When the composer Lukas Foss (1952 Fellow) arrived at the American Academy in Rome in 1950, he was just beginning a remarkable career.

Color photograph of a light skinned man wearing glasses, a white shirt, and a blue suit; in his hand he holds up the medal that is draped around his neck

AAR Honors Chef Massimo Bottura at the 2023 McKim Medal Gala

The American Academy in Rome honored chef and entrepreneur Massimo Bottura at the latest McKim Medal Gala at Villa Aurelia in Rome on June 7, 2023.

Color photograph of the head and shoulders of an elderly light skinned man wearing a sweater and glasses and seated in a living room; one hand touches his white beard as he looks off camera

In Memoriam: Jim Melchert

The American Academy in Rome mourns the loss of Jim Melchert, a celebrated artist and ceramicist who served as our Director from 1984 to 1988.

Black and white photograph of a young dark skinned woman sitting on the bridge in front of the Castel Sant'Angelo, an ancient Roman mausoleum; she holds a stretched painting canvas in her hand and stares into the distance as three young Italian girls on the bridge look up at her

From the Archives: Barbara Chase-Riboud

Barbara Chase-Riboud’s new memoir, I Always Knew, begins in 1957—the year she traveled to Rome for an Affiliated Fellowship at the American Academy.

Front cover of Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome, volume 67.

Memoirs Volume 67 Published

AAR has just published volume 67 of its flagship journal, the Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome.

A screenshot of an image of a webpage with a search bar and several collections of digital images

A New Digital Humanities Center

The American Academy in Rome launches a new-and-improved DHC.

Color photograph of a tour guide leading a dozen or so people on the ground inside an ancient Roman ruin

Classical Summer School Centennial

This year AAR’s Classical Summer School, founded in 1923, marks its centennial. If you participated in the program, we would love to hear from you.

Color photograph of about a dozen people in an Academy studio, looking at an unseen person giving a presentation off camera; architectural drawings are pinned to the walls behind them

Dispatch from Thailand: Stephen Harby

Stephen Harby has made a bequest intention to endow a Rome Prize Fellowship and Residency in architecture, in memory of the architect Charles Moore.

From the Archives: National Academies and the Postwar Rome Prize

To celebrate the opening of Roma, a Portrait at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, which celebrates the foreign cultural academies in the Eternal City, we republish this article by Denise R. Costanzo (2015 Fellow) on the approaches to classical and modern architecture at those institutes.

Color photo of four modern dancers (two men and woman) dancing in front of an unseen audience

Salone and Homecoming from the Society of Fellows

November 4, 2022, saw the return of Salone, the Society of Fellows’ flagship multimedia performance event that featured musicians, composers, choreographers, and artists from among the Academy’s alumni.

Color photograph of the head and shoulders of a light skinned man wearing a dark blazer and white shirt; he is positioned in front of a shelf of books with colorful spines as he smiles and looks at the camera

Peter N. Miller Named New AAR President

Peter N. Miller, a respected historian and educator who is a leading voice on the continued importance of the humanities, will serve as the next President of the American Academy in Rome.

Announcing the 2023–24 Rome Prize Winners and Italian Fellows

The American Academy in Rome has announced the winners of the 2023–24 Rome Prize and Italian Fellowships.

color photograph of a library room with books on shelves to the left and a roman sculpture of a small head on a pedestal on the right

NEH Awards Over $700,000 in Grants to AAR

Today the National Endowment for the Humanities announced it will award a $472,850 challenge grant to AAR for an expansion of the Arthur and Janet C. Ross Library into Villa Chiaraviglio.

Whitfield Lovell Donates Two Portraits to the Academy

Whitfield Lovell (2019 Resident) has generously given AAR two striking portraits of two of the first Black Fellows for the Academy Bar: Ulysses Kay and June Jordan

Black and white screeshot of a video depicting a dark skinned woman sitting in a garden, wearing a dark blazer, and smiling at the camera

Fellows in Focus: Monica Rhodes

Monica Rhodes talks about the importance of involving communities when making decisions on how to best conserve a historical site.

Public Space as a Form of Expression

Five artists and designers discussed the impact, positive or negative, that public art has on the built environment, drawing from their personal experiences and professional projects.

Color photograph of a light skinned woman standing with her arms crossed and smiling at the camera in front of a fuscia wall

Ilaria Puri Purini Appointed Andrew Heiskell Arts Director

Ilaria Puri Purini, a curator and art historian currently based in London, has been appointed as the eighth Andrew Heiskell Arts Director at the American Academy in Rome, to serve a three-year term beginning this summer.

June Jordan & Ulysses Kay: Faces That Changed the Academy

As we close out Black History Month this year, we share a video celebrating two of the earliest African American winners of the Rome Prize: Ulysses Kay and June Jordan.