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Jean Dommermuth

Palazzo Ricasoli in Florence with the design for the Medici wedding of 1565

Palazzo Ricasoli in Florence with the design for the wedding in 1565 of Francesco I de’Medici and Joanna of Austria

Jean Dommermuth
“Queste cose non durabili che passarono com’ un ombra”

During her time in Rome, Jean Dommermuth is conducting research on sixteenth-century Florentine paintings created on canvas rather than the more typical support—wooden panel. She hopes to find and recontextualize works that were not originally conceived of as independent paintings but rather as parts of elaborate, multimedia productions created for entries, weddings, and funerals of the ruling elite. Created as ephemera, few examples are known to have survived. Direct visual examination provides vital evidence about scale and texture indicative of original construction and later alterations. This is not about sophisticated analytical techniques but rather just really looking and thinking about materials.

Jean Dommermuth is the Suzanne Deal Booth Rome Prize Fellow in Historic Preservation and Conservation, a lecturer for the Conservation Center at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts, and conservator for ArtCare, based in New York.

The shoptalk will be held in English.

Date & time
Monday, February 15, 2021
6:00 PM
AAR Zoom
Central European Time
Rome, Italy