Open Stacks 2024: Scholars’ Presentations


Open Stacks 2024: Scholars’ Presentations

Color photo of a scholars desk with an old globe, scrolls, and other scholarly accoutrements

The American Academy in Rome will showcase the work of its Rome Prize, Italian, and Getty Global Fellows in the humanities with the first annual Open Stacks: Scholars’ Presentations. The event will feature a variety of short lectures highlighting the questions that motivated Fellows’ research in Rome, concerning topics such as ancient and modern diasporas, constructions of East and West, satire and humor, voting and lawmaking, intolerance, and religious expression in art, craft, and literature.

Participating scholars are: Kate Meng Brassel, Mary C. Danisi, John Delury, Christopher Erdman, Mary-Evelyn Farrior, Emre Gönlügür, Jessica L. Harris, Dov Honick, Gabriella L. Johnson, Zakarya Khelif, Sara L. Petrilli-Jones, Nhung Tuyet Tran, and Anne L. Williams.

The event will be held in English.



Session 1: Italy and the World

Mary-Evelyn Farrior, “Inscribing Community: Mapping Greek Inscriptions in Imperial Rome”

John Delury, “Thinking through Tianxia in Rome”

Nhung Tuyet Tran, “Cosmopolitanism, Trans-Imperial Subjects, and the Vietnamese Confession Crisis in the Making of the Early Modern Global Church, 1660–1800”

Emre Gönlügür, “Blue Anatolia: The Classical Heritage and Modern Imagination in Mid-Century Turkey”

Jessica L. Harris, “Black America and Italy: African American Women in Post-Fascist Italian Culture” 

Session 2: Looking at Lawmaking

Christopher Erdman, “Voting Culture and Political Theater in Late Republican Lawmaking”

Sara L. Petrilli-Jones, “Drafting the Canon: Legal Histories of Art in Florence and Rome, 1600–1800”


Session 3: Elite Architecture; The Art of the Sea

Zakarya Khelif, “The Roman Domestic Architecture at Tipasa of Mauretania”

Gabriella L. Johnson, “Galatea’s Realm: The Art of Coral, Shells, and Marine Fossils in Early Modern Sicily, Naples, and the Maltese Islands”

Session 4: Material and Textual Approaches to Religion

Mary C. Danisi, “Rovings: Wool and the Ancient Ecology of a Cosmic Medium”

Dov Honick, “Beyond the Talmud: Revisiting Christian Anti-Jewish Polemic Sources in the Twelfth Century”

Session 5: Satire and Humor from Text to Art

Kate Meng Brassel, “Autopsy of a Satirist: Book and Body in the Satires of Persius”

Anne L. Williams, “Imago humilis: Humor, Irony, and Rhetoric in Art and Devotion”

Date & time
Tuesday, June 4, 2024
3:30 PM
AAR Lecture Room
McKim, Mead & White Building
Via Angelo Masina, 5
Rome, Italy
Security notice

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