Terese Wadden & Jennifer Packer

Fellow Shoptalks

Terese Wadden & Jennifer Packer

Gesturally figurative painting depicting a sitting black man with crossed legs on the left and a French press coffee pot on a table to the right

Jennifer Packer, detail of Untitled, 2018, oil on canvas, 18 x 23⅞ in. (artwork © Jennifer Packer)

Terese Wadden

Investigations both sartorial and material on the streets of Rome. Terese Wadden will provide an overview of what she is doing in Rome, as well as a pocket exploration of the grembiule.

Terese Wadden is the Mark Hampton/Jesse Howard Jr. Rome Prize Fellow in Design and a costume designer based in Brooklyn.

Jennifer Packer
Painting a Body of Loss

“Every true artist knows that art is a weak vehicle for addressing trauma in all its magnitude and yet it is the most durable, the most reliable one we have.”
—Chris Abani

Jennifer Packer’s perennial project focuses on the social, political, and psychological implications of landscape and architecture on conceptions of individual, collective, and national identity. Landscape is utilized here to identify impositions (physical, historical) on our sense of belonging. Packer will discuss her work—and its primary influences over the past decade—in relationship to remembrance, sentimentality, longing, shame, and grief.

Jennifer Packer is the Nancy B. Negley Rome Prize Fellow in Visual Arts and an assistant professor in the Department of Painting at Rhode Island School of Design.

The shoptalk will be held in English.

Video is not available for this event.

Date & time
Monday, March 15, 2021
6:00 PM
AAR Zoom
Central European Time
Rome, Italy