Black and white photograph showing the cropped head, shoulder, forearm, and hand of a light skinned man with dark hair, who looks intensely at the camera

Marco Momi

Marcello Lotti Italian Fellow in Music
5 dicembre 2022–24 marzo 2023
Music Composer, Perugia
Titolo del progetto
Community Concerto
Descrizione del progetto

After the restrictions due to the pandemic, most of which impacted human interactions, a change in my social habits is needed. The fellowship will be the core of a renewal of my vision of the challenges facing contemporary society, aiming to inaugurate a new approach to my intimate world as well. The sounds of Rome, its artistic heritage, and the interactions with its cultural scene will set the stage for a piano concerto in which the concept of community will be at the heart.

The photograph of Marco Momi was taken by Maurizio Rellini.