Color photograph of a dark skinned man with gray dreadlocks and goatee wearing glasses and an African inspired shirt, looking directly at the camera

Dread Scott

Abigail Cohen Rome Prize
1 settembre 2023–12 gennaio 2024
Faculty, MFA Fine Arts Department, School of Visual Arts
Titolo del progetto
Temporal Shifting
Descrizione del progetto

I look toward the experience in Rome affecting me, supporting my desire to broaden my thoughts beyond the American context that has shaped me. I hope to develop my thinking as I examine contemporary and historic connections between Africa and Europe. I will engage the complex reality of the recent migration of Africans to Europe, with many transiting through Italy while others remain there. Rome’s position as an early republic, a fallen empire, and a modern society with remnants of a previous civilization will provide a rich context for me to explore. I’m eager to photograph idealized images I imagine, of futuristic Black rebels in contemporary Rome, with visible vestiges of ancient Rome highlighting these rebels’ temporal shifting nature.