Black and white photograph of the head and torso of a dark skinned man wearing glasses and a sweater over a collared shirt; he looks at the camera with a slight smile

Tony Cokes

Carla Fendi Rome Prize in Art and Technology
13 febbraio–14 luglio 2023
Professor, Department of Modern Culture and Media, Brown University
Titolo del progetto
The Daily Practice of Representation: The Artist and the Studio
Descrizione del progetto

I will produce a series of written articles and video works critically reflecting on visual and textual figurations of the artist, her/his activities, spatial contexts, and their cumulative ideological effects. Why does art practice carry with it particular desires, codes, and expectations with regard to space, and what do these notions imply for creative practices as social and political phenomena? For example, how did the artist’s live/work loft become a lifestyle model for urban dwellers, even those who are not creative professionals? The project’s title draws inspiration from a volume of writing by artist Gerhard Richter, The Daily Practice of Painting. While Richter carefully and explicitly critiques the conditions of possibility for painting via his artistic practice, writing, and interviews, I was surprised to observe that the book’s images appear to reinscribe traditional ideas of the artist and the spaces she/he occupies.