Far Afield

Black and white portrait of Lysley Tenorio in a wood-paneled stairway

Lysley Tenorio Wins Book Award

The Son of Good Fortune, a new novel by Lysley Tenorio (2016 Fellow), has won the 2020 Institute for Immigration Research New American Voices Award. Tenorio worked on the book during his Rome residency.

Detail of a 1953 painting by Alberto Burri made of burlap sacking, oil paint, and Vinavil on canvas

Katie Larson Article on Alberto Burri

Katie Larson, a 2016 Rome Prize Fellow in modern Italian studies and assistant professor of art history at Baylor University, has just published her article “Alberto Burri and the Image of the Body in Post-Fascist Italy: Reconsidering the ‘Wound’ Motif” in the Fall 2020 issue of Art Journal.

Quick News - Beverly McIver BLM

Beverly McIver’s Paintings Used in Get Out the Vote Campaign

The North Carolina painter Beverly McIver (2018 Fellow) was asked to participate in public-art project led by People for the American Way, and it sparked a series of directly political paintings.

Quick News - Sigrid Nunez

New York Times Reviews Sigrid Nunez Novel

“When I open one of her novels,” writes Dwight Garner in his New York Times review of What Are You Going Through by Sigrid Nunez (2001 Fellow), “I almost always know immediately: This is where I want to be.”

Color portrait of the head and shoulders of the African American writer Randall Kenan

Writer Randall Kenan Has Died

The award-winning writer Randall Kenan (1997 Fellow), an unapologetically Black gay Southern writer who used his identities to tell stories only he could tell, has died. Among his numerous books are A Visitation of Spirits (1989), Let the Dead Bury Their Dead (1992), Walking on Water (1999), and The Fire This Time (2007).

The poet Ishion Hutchinson reading his work in the studio of painter Beverly McIver during 2018 Open Studios at the American Academy in Rome

Ishion Hutchinson on NYRB Poetry Panel

The New York Review of Books will present “Poetry in Response to Crisis,” an online panel discussion with Dan Chiasson, Ange Mlinko, Francine J. Harris, Ishion Hutchinson (2018 Fellow), and Jana Prikryl, on Wednesday, September 2—one week from today.

Color photograph of Pamela Z standing in front of a music stand and looking at a score on the left, and audience members sitting and standing to the right

Pamela Z Refects on Her Rome Prize Project

The composer and performer Pamela Z (2020 Fellow) discusses her recent Rome Prize experience—including her piece Simultaneous, comprising audio interviews with Fellows and presented at Cinque Mostre—with the San Francisco Classical Voice.

Quick News - J. Meejin Yoon and Mabel Wilson

Holland Cotter on the “Memorial to Enslaved Laborers”

Holland Cotter’s feature on the University of Virginia’s Memorial to Enslaved Laborers, whose design was led by J. Meejin Yoon (2006 Fellow, 2020 Resident) and Eric Howeler, in collaboration with Mabel O. Wilson (2021 Resident) and others.

Color photograph of three women interacting with the Memorial to Enslaved Laborers

Washington Post Praises Charlottesville Memorial

The Washington Post praises the University of Virginia’s recently opened Memorial to Enslaved Laborers in Charlottesville, designed by the architects Eric Howeler and J. Meejin Yoon (2006 Fellow, 2020 Resident).

Color photograph of Helen O'Leary in her AAR studio

Helen O’Leary Talks about Her Artistic Process

“I knit with wood, take things apart,” Helen O’Leary (2019 Fellow) tells Artistic Fuel in a recent interview. “I see my studio as an archeological site, a compendium of armatures, erasures, deliberate archaisms, renovations and restorations.”

Quick News - Bissera Pentcheva Hagia Sophia

Bissera Pentcheva on the Hagia Sophia’s Acoustics

Bissera Pentcheva (2018 Fellow), who is reconstructing the sonic world of Byzantine cathedral music by studying the Hagia Sophia’s extravagantly reverberant acoustics, discusses her scholarship with Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim (2018 Resident) of the New York Times.

Quick News - Lysley Tenorio

Lysley Tenorio’s Highly Praised Novel

Lysley Tenorio (2016 Fellow) has just published a new novel, The Son of Good Fortune, which he worked on during his time at AAR. The book has received positive reviews from the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Christian Science Monitor, and Publishers Weekly.

Quick News - Christopher Cerrone

New EP from Christopher Cerrone

Next month New Focus Recordings will release a new EP from composer Christopher Cerrone (2016 Fellow) and flutist Tim Munro. Liminal Highway is a hypnotic five-movement work for flute and electronics inspired by a poem by John K. Samson, lead singer and songwriter for the Weakerthans.

Quick News - George Stoll

George Stoll Exhibition Opening on July 19

LSH CoLAB will open Camouflage, an exhibition of work by 2005 Rome Prize Fellow George Stoll, in Los Angeles on Sunday, July 19. A social-distancing reception for Stoll and Helen Chung, who has a concurrent show, takes place from 4:00 to 6:00pm.

Quick News - Ila Bêka Homo Urbanas

Ila Bêka’s “HOMO URBANUS” in France

An exhibition of work by Ila Bêka (2019 Italian Fellow) and Louise Lemoine, titled HOMO URBANUS: 10 Films/10 villes du monde, has opened at Arc en Rêve Centre d’Architecture in Bordeaux.

Quick News - Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone Dies in Rome

AAR sadly remembers 2009 McKim Medal Gala honoree Ennio Morricone, the Italian composer widely considered one of the world’s most versatile and influential creators of music for the modern cinema. He will be missed.

Quick News - George Lewis

George Lewis on Black Composers

George Lewis (2010 Resident) surveys how Black composers “have explored what it means—and could mean—to be American, helping to foster a creolized, cosmopolitan new music for the 21st century.” His New York Times article features Tania León (1998 Resident) and Courtney Bryan (2020 Fellow).