New Volume of “Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome” Is Published

Color photograph of the head and torso of a figurative Etruscan statue of a winged man
Bridget Sandhoff’s article features an Etruscan patera handle in the form of Lasa, 350–300 BCE, bronze, 21 x 14.7 x 4.9 cm (photograph by Bruce White Photography and provided by the J. Paul Getty Museum, Villa Collection, Malibu, California)

We are pleased to announce the publication of volume 68 of the Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome, AAR’s annual peer-reviewed journal edited by Margaret L. Laird. Memoirs gathers articles on topics including Roman archaeology and topography, ancient and modern Italian history, Latin literature, and Italian art and architectural history. Memoirs is published by the University of Michigan Press and AAR, and since 2021 has been a digital-born publication that is fully available on JSTOR.

Volume 68 (2023) publishes the scholarly essays: “The Career of Cornutus Tertullus and the Significance of Diana Planciana and the Temple of Artemis at Perge on Nerva’s Coinage” by Nathan T. Elkins; “The Inheritance of Violence in Fascism’s Second Generation: The Case of the School of Fascist Mysticism” by Victor Isaac Taranto; and “The Restitution of Antiquities and the Modern Italian State” by Fiona Rose Greenland.

A special section, entitled Gender, Representation, and Social History in the Ancient Mediterranean, presents papers in honor of Eve D’Ambra (1986 Fellow, 2005 Resident). It contains a “Preface” by Sinclair W. Bell (2003 Fellow) and a “Bibliography of the Published Works by Eve D’Ambra,” and the scholarly essays: “Cervidology and the Antlered Female Deer of Artemis: Representation Between Myth and Reality” by Lora Holland Goldthwaite; “Let’s Get Physical! The Athletic Nude Female Body in Etruscan Art” by Bridget Sandhoff; and “Building Outside the Lines: Networks, Women’s Agency and Euergetism in the Egyptian Cults” by Lindsey A. Mazurek. 

The volume also contains reports on research in the humanities by eight 2023 Rome Prize Fellows and one 2023 Italian Fellow: Sarah Beckmann, Emily Lucille Hurt, Evan Jewell, Andrew R. Lund, Lillian Sellati, Lamia Balafrej, Denva E. Gallant, Arianna Brunori, and S. Elizabeth Penry.

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