Black and white photograph of the head and shoulders of Beatrice Falcucci

Beatrice Falcucci

Franco Zeffirelli Italian Fellow in Modern Italian Studies
September 6–November 5, 2021
PhD in History of Science, Department of Letters and Philosophy, Università degli Studi di Firenze
Project title
Exhibiting the Empire: Colonial Collections in Piedmont
Project description

The project examines the way in which Piedmontese colonial collections are representative of the Italian colonial museum panorama at large. It will analyze artifacts from the Italian colonies in Africa (Eritrea, Libya, Somalia, Ethiopia) that are held by military museums, ethnographic museums, missionary museums, and museums of the Risorgimento in an attempt to reconstruct the size, history, and ideology of such collections in Piemonte, which was home to the House of Savoy, rulers of the kingdom of Italy after the unification.