Color photograph of a light skinned woman with long red hair wearing a button-up shirt and looking at the camera

Fatma Bucak

Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT Italian Fellow in Visual Arts
November 20, 2023–March 8, 2024
Artist, Turin
Project title
We possess all things
Project description

We possess all things is a multichannel sound installation consisting of a contemporary cantata performance in three acts, each of which is narrated from the perspective of a bird, a tree, and a flower. The production of the work entails extensive research on 1990s conflicts in the Middle East, the history of botany in the region, and a survey of cantata and operatic performances. 

The work intends to open the field to the conjuncture between environmental destruction and conflict. It is an attempt to conserve and re-create collective memories and obscured narratives that resist effacement from history through stories of flowers, plants, trees, and women’s voices in a moment that endangerment and the suffocation of the past, as well as an unknown future created by conflict and climate, inform us of unacceptable conditions and curtailed desires.