Color portrait of the head and shoulders of Giuliana Mosca, standing against a neutral white background

Giuliana Mosca

Franco Zeffirelli/United States Embassy Italian Fellow in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
January 11–April 30, 2021
Adjunct Professor, Department of Architecture, Università di Roma Tre
Project title
The Architectural Patronage of the Santacroce Family in Rome and Lazio (XV–XVI Centuries)
Project description

Giuliana Mosca’s project focuses on the role of architecture in the social and cultural rise of the Santacroce family, a nouveau riche Roman family that gained increasing prestige and power during the fifteenth century. The research will combine investigations into archives in Rome with an in-depth analysis of the structures that the Santacroce family built in Rome and in their fief of Veiano (Lazio).