Color photograph of a light skinned woman wearing a red sweater; she stands indoors next to a ladder leaning on the wall, looking directly at the camera

Sabrina Morreale

Enel Foundation Italian Fellow in Architecture, Urban Design, and Landscape Architecture
March 18–July 5, 2024
Architect, London and Rome
Studio Master, Architectural Association School of Architecture
Cofounder, Lemonot Studio
Project title
Roman Foraging: Spontaneous Convivial Acts within the Edgelands
Project description

The project takes as its point of departure an immersive ethnobotanic journey through Rome to locate as many edgelands as possible: places where urban foraging could trigger convivial engagement. My research will use Rome as the main site, in addition to the Academy itself, exploring mechanisms of relationships and place-making through social gathering with citizens, nonprofit organizations, and stakeholders.

Roman Foraging aims to create gentle forms of resistance, and to participate and engage with different communities and professionals by crafting collaborative, hands-on experiences. I wish to design informal happenings and opportunities for new convivial practices through urban foraging, which will help construct ways to preserve natural resources.

By reflecting on harvesting, and by challenging the preservation and consumption of selected ingredients, I hope to activate and understand cultural ties within specific communities, both in relation to the history of Rome and its contemporary, multiethnic fabric.