Color photograph of a light skinned man wearing glasses, a suit, and a tie in a photographer's studio, smiling at the camera

Keeril Makan

Luciano Berio Rome Prize
September 8, 2008–August 7, 2009
Assistant Professor of Music, Music and Theater Arts Section, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Project title
Three New Works: “Hover” for Electric Guitar and Orchestra; a Trio for Flute, Viola, and Harp; and “Tracker,” a Chamber Opera
Project description

The work that I propose to create while at the American Academy in Rome will be a large-scale chamber opera. This work questions the assumption that if systems of nature can be technologically replicated, the result will be positive universal progress, independent of the cultural and political climate in which the technology was conceived. The unexpected impact (both positive and negative) of technology’s actual relationship to contemporary society is the focus of this work.