Black and white photograph of La Nietas de Nonó, showing the heads and shoulders of two women that are nearly embracing each other

Las Nietas de Nonó

Rome Prize in Visual Arts
February 14–July 22, 2022
Artists, Carolina, Puerto Rico
Project title
Foodtopia: después de todo territorio
Project description

Our proposal is a multimedia project titled Foodtopia: después de todo territorio. Through self-referenced fiction, we will explore the relationship between memory and food, as well as spirituality and healing. What transformations associated with food and spirituality challenge Black migrants in their new contexts? Both food and spiritual rites are important expressions of Afro-centric identities and, as a result of forced migratory processes, can change or find new adjustments and forms of expression. This piece requires looking into a diasporic landscape-territory mediated by the heritage, memory, and identity of those who are not able to return to their place of origin.

The photograph of Las Nietas de Nonó (Mapenzi Chibale Nonó and Mulowayi Iyaye Nonó) is © David Moses and courtesy of OUT OF ORDER Magazine, New York.