Color photograph of a dark skinned man seen from the waist up; he stands in a photographer's studio and looks directly at the camera

Terry Adkins

Jesse Howard Jr./Jacob H. Lazarus/Metropolitan Museum of Art Rome Prize
September 4, 2009–July 30, 2010
Professor, Department of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania
Project title
Flumen Orationis
Project description

I plan to investigate and recall the history African presence in Rome from Greco Roman antiquity to the Renaissance. I will respond to a first hand examination of the art and artifacts of this period that contain African imagery, readings of the African Roman playwrights Publius Terentius Afer (ca. 190–158 BCE) and Titus Macchius Plautus (ca. 254–184 BCE), and a comparison of the emblematic legacies of canonized African Popes and Saints. This study will result in a recital—a series of drawings, sculptures, video, and performative gestures—that employ the mnemonic devices, techniques, and principles of the philosopher Giordano Bruno (1548–1600), most notably works that employ geographical and architectural structures.