SOF News – July and August 2017

SOF News July and August 2017
Still from The War and the Watch by Benedict Campbell
July and August 2017
Laurie Olin
July and August 2017
The Anio Gorge at Vicovaro

Academy bits and pieces for summer vacation

This is a relaxed and random list of things Academy that will grow throughout the summer. If you have something to add please send it to sof [at] (sof[at]aarome[dot]org).

The Staff Meal at the American Academy in Rome, a short film by Alex Infascelli.

The Watch & The War, a short film by Benedict Campbell, son of Peggy Brucia (1992 Fellow). Campbell says, “The story is about my Uncle Ben and the rare watch he brought home from Italy during WWII.”

Laurie Olin, FAAR 1977, RAAR 1990, 2008, is interviewed by Charles Birnbaum, FAAR 2004 in Laurie Olin Biography: Lessons from the American Academy in Rome. (2012)

Walkin’ and Talkin’

We’ve all been awed by what we saw and learned on the walks, talks, trips and adventures the Academy offers its Fellows. Led by a respected scholar or artist, we’ve visited places private, obscure, and sometimes dangerous. Like the time the legendary classical archaeologist, Frank Brown, took a group to the top of the Pantheon dome. A similarly risky trip is recalled in a 2011 edition of SOF News.

“On 30 April 2011, archaeologist Gianni Ponti—veteran Advisor to the American Academy in Rome and a dean at Rome’s IES—once again brought a somewhat incredulous group of AAR Fellows to the Roman aqueducts near Vicovaro (45 km northeast of the city). The mission at hand? To explore the interiors of the rock-cut aqueducts of the Aquae Marcia and Claudia near the ex-monastery of S. Cosimato at Vicovaro.” Landscape Casey L. Brown was there to document it.