SOF News – November 2017

SOF News - November 2017
Child shooting, date unknown
SOF News November 2017
SOF News November 2017
SOF News November 2017
SOF News November 2017
Abigail Child shooting from a sailboat off Ostia/Fumicino, July, 2010
SOF News November 2017
Child in her cups

Abigail Child, FAAR 2010

“She is the kind of filmmaker who just exceeds all the boundaries.” Richard Herskowitz, Curator of Ashland Film Festival and Houston Cinema Arts Festival.

November brings multiple screenings of a new film by Abigail Child, FAAR 2010. ACTS & INTERMISSIONS: Emma Goldman in America will be shown at both national and international film festivals. trailer

November 4,5: Denver International Film Festival
November 7: Counterpath Gallery, Denver
November 13: Houston Film Festival
November 14,18: L’Alternativa, Festival of Barcelona
November 20: The Docyard, Brattle Theater, Cambridge

“Since the 1970s, Abigail Child has been a significant voice in experimental documentary. Her Acts & Intermissions combines several visual formats and sound collages to connect modern-day protest with early 20th-century dissident, Emma Goldman… It's a bracing work that finds alarming patterns and repetitions in methods of repression over the past century.” Daniel Eagan, Film Journal

“Her films display a unique mastery of both form and content, graced with delicate editing, and colored by whispering sound designs which are all her own.… The style undermines expectations…. Indeed, remarkable early-20th century protest footage interlaces with recent scenes of mass resistance. The film also includes contemporary scenes of workers in a yarn factory. These surreal shots of beautiful mess and mechanization, establish the film’s ground.… Another recent biographical documentary, I Am Not Your Negro, about author James Baldwin, similarly interweaves images of past and present. The days of the traditional documentary, with its objectifying, distanced historical perspective, seem to be over. These films suggest there’s no longer space to simply observe. However we choose to act, history is living us, and we are participants.” Kristin Cato, The Blinking Eye