Beatrice Falcucci & Randall Todd Pippenger

Monday, October 18, 2021–6:00 PM
AAR Lecture Room
Via Angelo Masina, 5
Rome, Italy
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Beatrice Falcucci
“Dall’antico al nuovo Impero”. Archaeology and natural history museums in Italian Libya

The Fascist regime initiatives in the area of propaganda exhibitions and museology were numerous and varied. Many of them have not yet been adequately investigated: those launched in Italy’s colonies, in particular, remain largely unexplored. Beatrice Falcucci’s talk highlights the surprisingly extensive network of museums (the new Museo Archeologico in Tripoli established in 1930, the Museo Libico di Storia Naturale in Tripoli inaugurated in 1936, Ptolemais museum established in 1936) and temporary exhibitions that Fascism initiated in Libya involving prominent figures from the regime and contemporary culture.

Beatrice Falcucci is the Franco Zeffirelli Italian Fellow in Modern Italian Studies and PhD in History of Science in the Department of Letters and Philosophy at Università degli Studi di Firenze.

Randall Todd Pippenger
“What’s Left Behind?”

Randall Todd Pippenger will talk about his first book project, Left Behind: Veterans, Widows, and Orphans in the Era of the Crusades, which engages larger debates about the impact of religious violence and persecution within societies, their influence on social values and family practices, and the development of the mentalités and institutions which sustain them. But more importantly, it recovers the true costs of crusading and holy war in the Middle Ages: the neglected experiences of the veterans and casualties of the crusading movement, their personal struggles and triumphs, and the lives of those they left behind—their wives and children, widows and orphans.

Randall Todd Pippenger is the Paul Mellon/Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Rome Prize Fellow and Lecturer in the Department of History at Princeton University.

The shoptalks will be held in English.

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