Color photograph of the head and shoulders of Autumn Knight, standing outdoors against a peach-orange stone wall

Autumn Knight

Nancy B. Negley Rome Prize
September 6, 2021–July 22, 2022
Artist, New York
Project title
Attention Economy
Project description

The proposed project, Attention Economy, is a continued investigation within a body of performance and video works focusing on economies of time, attention, and survival and the creative role within those realms. Asking the question: what do I demand within this economy as an artist and what do I require as a human surviving a plague? The critical concepts anchoring my inquiry are historical/contemporary interpretations and functionality of action/inaction and the Italian concept of dolce far niente—the sweetness of doing nothing. The proposed project intends to utilize choreography, text, sound, animation, and digital/cinematic video as a means of reorganizing a relational experience with “doing nothing” as potential personal, creative, political, and survival strategies. Employing the visual culture of Italy, the project uses architecture, public movement, and collaboration as choreographic material.